When it came to the chassis, we first made a compromise. Our Jimny should become a little overlander in the long run, helping us to discover the most beautiful places on our planet. However, the small one also has to serve as a daily dailydriver, which in our case involves a fairly large proportion of road use. Until then and we can go on extensive exploratory trips, the dailydriver properties should be improved.

At a later point in time, a decent chassis is planned for more articulation and, if necessary, a little more space in the wheel arches for appropriate wheel-tire combinations, which should further increase the off-road suitability of the Jimny.

Until then, we have decided on a suspension update light and installed a set of Eibach springs. These bring out the maximum amount of installation height, which is possible with the original brake lines. That’s about 25-30mm on the front and rear axles. In our opinion, the springs improve the handling on the road, which is unfortunately still an important point for our Jimny at the moment.

You can assemble the springs yourself in pairs and with a little persuasion. A lifting platform increases the comfort massively. Alternatively, the Jimny can also be jacked up on the frame (ATTENTION, make sure the Jimny is standing securely, if necessary support it).

The wheels have to be dismantled and the coupling rods have to be loosened. Loosening the brake line brackets also makes it much easier to swap the springs. By manually compressing the axles on one side, enough space can be generated to dismantle and assemble the springs. Since the compression and simultaneous swapping of the springs is difficult on your own, we recommend doing this work in pairs.

After installation, the headlight setting must be adjusted, otherwise you will get friendly advice from oncoming traffic.

A report for the GJ is enclosed with the springs, so an entry is not a big issue.

With about 230 € for the set of springs you are there. In addition, there are the costs for the registration and, if necessary, costs for the installation, if you do not want to take over this yourself.


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