What you need:

  • bucket with dish liquid mixture, better: pump spray bottle
  • lintless cloth (e.g. microfiber cloth)
  • clean, greaseless hands
  • time and patience 🙂
  • ideally ~ 15 ° C - 20 ° C outside temperature (if there is a clear deviation, let the film rest longer)
That’s how it works:

Clean careful the whole sticker area

Mix some water and dish liquid and spray the mixture liberally at the sticker area. This will wash away the last few dust particles and allows you an easy fitting of your sticker.

Free the sticker carefully from its subsurface by using the little film handle attached to it (if this won’t work, use your finger nail or a needle to free the sticker)

Also spray your dish liquid mixture liberally at sticky side of the sticker

Place the sticker at the correct spot at your door. Do not position the film as far as it will go in the upper area, this greatly facilitates wrinkle-free gluing

Once it is well-positioned, use your finger to press the liquid under the sticker out. Start from the inner side and continue till you reach the edges.(In case this won’t work, you have to wait a few minutes (1-3 min) till the sticker is sticky enough, then continue as written above) Repeat till all bubbles and crinkles are gone

Once the sticker is right in spot, remove carefully the little film handle, starting from the folded edge