An important and unfortunately neglected topic: the underbody and cavity preservation.

This type of conservation is an absolutely sensible matter, especially with an off-roader. The Jimny is safely moved around the terrain in a species-appropriate manner by many. Extensive mud baths and frequent water crossings increase the corrosion in addition to the usual stresses from the road salt in winter.

The rust finds its way into the remotest corners of your Jimny, so it makes sense to take appropriate precautions and check them regularly.

We opted for a classic variant for our Jimny. We used Hodt products. At this point it should be said that there are many good products on the market and almost every preventive measure is better than no preventive measure at all.

In the first two passes we applied two layers of Fluid Film with a brush and roller. Two layers of Permafilm were then applied. 3 liters each was enough for our sub-floor. It is advisable to cover the exhaust system before starting work, so you save time-consuming cleaning and unpleasant smells afterwards.

The frame parts on the front, all folds and components with an undercut are also important. The mountings for the axle components and the structure should also be carefully supplied. The wheelhouses are also one of the typical problem areas in Jimny.

The Permafilm does not harden completely and can therefore retain a certain degree of self-healing in the event of scratches and stone chips. It doesn’t hurt to take a look under the Jimny from time to time and improve it if necessary.

The cavities were supplied with Fluidfilm AS-R Spray from the spray can. The cans are available with long probes that can be inserted into the openings on the frame. You shouldn’t be too frugal here. For our Jimny we used 8 spray cans of 400ml, whereby it should be noted that the 400ml also contain the propellant gas of the spray can.

A total of around € 250 material costs were incurred. The spray cans in particular are not ideal and are relatively expensive. If you have a compressor and a suitable spray gun, you can save a lot of money here. We spent about a working day under the Jimny.


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