What you need:

  • bucket with dish liquid mixture, better: pump spray bottle
  • lintless cloth (e.g. microfiber cloth)
  • Squeegee; alternatively a credit card or similar (only if a transfer film is available. Risk of scratches!)
  • time and patience
  • ideally ~ 15 ° C - 20 ° C outside temperature (if there is a clear deviation, let the film rest longer)
Structure of the film:
That’s how it works:

Clean careful the whole sticker area, you can use your dish liquid mixture

dry the area well with a lint-free cloth (e.g. microfiber cloth) and remove all lint.

Remove the backing paper (right hand in the picture) from the motif. For larger motifs, it is best to place this on a flat surface and peel off the backing paper at a flat angle. Make sure that the motif sticks to the transfer film. If the motif film does not detach from the backing paper, apply the transfer film again vigorously to the motif.

Optionally, but especially in the case of larger motifs or motifs with large, continuous areas, spray the side of the film provided with adhesive and the area to be glued with rinsing water. This procedure is called "wet bonding". For small motifs with a lot of free-standing details (e.g. letters), we recommend direct dry gluing. Wet bonding offers the possibility of being able to correct the position again before the adhesive sets. In addition, the risk of air and dust inclusions is reduced to a minimum.

Apply and position the motif on the surface to be glued using the transfer film.

In the case of small motifs, it can be sufficient to press the motif by stroking with your bare hand

However, it is better to use a squeegee (plastic, rubber or felt). In the case of wet bonding, the liquid under the film is brushed out from the center of the motif outwards or from top to bottom.

WAIT! Now a little patience is required. In the case of wet application and depending on the size of the motif, it is advisable to wait up to 30 minutes. If the attachment takes place at outside temperatures that are outside the absolute comfort temperature of the film (15 ° C - 20 ° C), it can also be advisable to let the film and the transfer film rest for up to 60 minutes. If you remove the transfer film too early, there is a risk of pulling the motif off again, and the motif could slip. Therefore, it is better to wait a little too long than too briefly.

Finally, the transfer film is carefully peeled off at a flat angle. Should the motif lift a little, place the transfer film over the motif again and carefully squeegee again and let the design rest a little.

The motif is now successfully glued. However, the adhesive only develops its full strength after 24-48 hours.