Hello everybody,

finally everyday life has allowed some nice pictures of our GJ. Better late than never, today highly official and with great pleasure introduce …

Our gray GJ 02/2020

He has been part of our family for about two weeks now ^^

We haven’t changed much yet, so far. We mainly have a few do-it-yourself items, mostly from our own cutting plotter.
Some people may already know the gimmicks ^^ In the long term, a few technical optimizations will certainly follow as soon as time and money play along.

The little one was allowed to play a little stone quarry today ;)

Here he clearly feels at ease^^

It also perform well from behind, here also our selfplotted door handle guard foil can be seen quite well.

Again the plotter was busy, the contours above finished in black matt and below the japanese Katakan, meaning Jimny (Madam’s Japanese lessons paid off directly ^^)

And the vent covers again in detail, after a lot trial and error we are very satisfied with the result 8)


As you can see, you see nothing… 8o our subtle solution for loading sill protection. The transparent film does its job really well, you have to look very closely… :thumbup:

We still have a few ideas for our cutting plotter – we will be happy to share these with you in our blog as soon as they are functional and visually appealing. Anyone who spontaneously has a sudden inspiration for other ​​foiling are welcome to contact us at any time ^^

Next, a few technical upgrades are planned. We are really excited about where the road will take us.

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